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If you rely on premium smartphones and organizers to manage your workload and social life, it's always essential to avoid damaging your device. And in a world where we are constantly rushing to catch trains, leaving our Blackberry Passports on tabletops and checking social media while we wash the dishes - protection is absolutely essential.
This matters more for Blackberry Passports than for many other devices, and there's one major reason for this. When Blackberry designed the Passport, the company consciously decided to update its physical keyboard interface. Instead of opting for an entirely touchscreen-based design, the creators retained a set of keys. That's great for writing emails and blogs, but it presents some unique vulnerabilities, making a protective case essential.
We specialize in creating Blackberry Passport cases that will keep this high-tech device totally safe, no matter where you take it. With the right case, you can take your Passport on vacation and check the latest news while you sit beside the pool. You can use your phone with confidence on the subway or in airport lounges. And weather conditions will not dent its performance.

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The Blackberry Passport is a popular business device with plenty of fans around the world. If you check out its specifications, it's easy to see why. Keeping Blackberry's trademark square screen and keyboard look, the Passport comes with several core features that set it apart: The stainless steel frame provides excellent toughness and stability for both the screen and the keyboard, ensuring that the Passport is already well protected against falls from short heights. But this frame needs to be kept in good shape to ensure total protection, and it can be uncomfortable to use if it isn't paired with a leather case.

The extra large battery in the passport guarantees excellent run-time, whether you are surfing the web, messaging friends or watching YouTube. But the battery needs to be kept shielded against water, which is where a high-quality case for Blackberry Passport phones is vital.

The Touch Keyboard is a great step forward from older Blackberries, and it's a nice middle ground between purely touchscreen-based smartphones and laptops. However, because keys are involved, there's more room for dirt and dust to get underneath, making solid protection essential.

Internal specs measure up as well. The Passport comes with 32GB storage, a 4.5-inch screen, a 13MP camera, 128GB MicroSD card support, a USB 2.0 port and a speedy Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor to handle apps, videos, and games. All of that needs to be physically protected against the outside world if you want your phone to retain its trade-in value.

Take Your Pick from Our Blackberry Passport Cases

At StilGut we have what it takes to cover Blackberry Passport devices effectively. This isn't something on which mobile owners should cut corners. Inferior cases leave Blackberries at risk of water, dust, and impact damage. Plus, they simply aren't as stylish and beautiful as our accessories. Here are some of the options for Passport owners to think about:

Book-Style Cases - As the name indicates, these Blackberry Passport case designs have been crafted to resemble books and open out to reveal the phone beneath. Made from genuine leather, each of these handcrafted book cases comes with carefully cut recesses for all-important LEDs, apertures for the Blackberry camera, and connections for headphones and chargers as well. It's a great mix of convenience and professional protection.

Smart Wallets - These leather wallets come in a clutch-style design with a dependable zip fastener. Designed to be used with more than just Blackberries, each one has a compartment for accessories like cosmetics, along with a secure smartphone holder. They come with long carry straps and hand straps, and also feature 12 card slots, helping to arrange your financial accessories.

Tempered Glass Protectors - Along with leather cases, Blackberry Passport owners might also want to go for a Tempered Glass screen protector. 100% transparent, these protectors are just 0.33mm thick and have been engineered from oleophobic glass - minimizing smudges and maximizing strength. If you are worried about scratches from sharp objects, these protectors will be ideal.

Why not combine our accessories to create the ideal safety system for your Blackberry Passport? You can store your device in a smart wallet when carrying it around town, browse the web on buses with the book case, and have a few spare glass protectors handy to ensure that the screen is kept in peak condition. And remember, we also offer a variety of USB cables to go along with your case for Blackberry Passport phones. So whatever you need to get the most from your phone, we can help.

Enjoy Premium Quality Cases and Stylish Designs

Why should you choose StilGut's Blackberry Passport case designs over the alternatives? There are plenty of excellent reasons. Most importantly, we only use professional craftsmen to produce our leather cases. Each case for Blackberry Passport phones we product has been handcrafted by a specialist who takes care over each stitch and cut, making sure that cases perfectly fit the dimensions of the device. There will be no extra space that causes you phone to fall out. Each cover is made for the Passport, and fits it like a glove.

We also only use premium materials for our products, and we don't make any compromises. Many covers and cases are made using plastics which are less comfortable to use. In some cases they may contain toxic chemicals, and they are never as strong as our products. And genuine leather also has some helpful characteristics. Allowing air to circulate while keeping water out, it's the ideal material to use for Passport cases.

Moreover, our cases offer an elegant style that professionals will love. Possessing the charm of vintage handbags or wallets, our cases are intended to slip seamlessly into the accessory collections of people who value high-quality products. So take a look around and find a StilGut case that captures your imagination and cover Blackberry Passport phones in style.

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