Discover Premium Phone Cases for all Major Brands and Models

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StilGut's smartphone pockets provide total protection and convenience. Designed to suit all major smartphone models, these beautiful Nappa leather pockets protect against water, smudges, scratches and more. Discover the entire range at StilGut's smartphone accessories catalogue.

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StilGut - Leather Smartphone Sleeve S
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StilGut - Leather Smartphone Sleeve L
From €19.99 * UVP €24.99 * You save: €5.00
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POMPÖÖS by StilGut - Smartphone Sleeve M - Design by HARALD GLÖÖCKLER
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POMPÖÖS by StilGut - Smartphone Sleeve M Crown - Design by HARALD GLÖÖCKLER
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POMPÖÖS by StilGut - Smartphone Sleeve L Crown - Design by HARALD GLÖÖCKLER
€9.99 * UVP €29.99 * You save: €20.00

Discover Premium Phone Cases for all Major Brands and Models

Smartphones are a vital part of everyday life for millions - or even billions - of people around the world. But these miraculous technical products aren't invulnerable, and users can easily damage their devices in a matter of seconds.
When models from upscale brands like Samsung, Apple, Google or Huawei can cost plenty of money to replace, it makes sense to give your phone the protection it deserves. And that's where phone pockets can play an essential role.
Simple, easy to use and beautifully designed, these pockets offer an accessible phone storage solution. If you need to have your phone close at hand, but also want to add some extra protection against accidents and nasty weather, these attractive storage accessories will be ideal. Let's explore the StilGut collection in more detail and help you pick the perfect pocket for your smartphone model.

Provide Some Serious Protection with Our Phone Pockets

Protecting your phone isn't an optional extra, and while elite phone manufacturers try to engineer durable, rugged models, they don't always succeed. In fact, the smartphones we love have plenty of vulnerabilities that make extra protection a no-brainer.

- Thinness: Nowadays, smartphones are almost as thin as credit cards. Models like the Vivo X5 Max measure just 4.75mm, and high-powered iPhones and Galaxy designs tend to get slimmer all the time. This is great for convenience and feel, but it makes phones more prone to damage.

- Waterproofing: Many smartphones are rated as IP68 for water resistance and that's great. It provides a level of protection against dust, rain and even immersion. But it doesn't guarantee total defence against moisture damage. That's one excellent reason to sheath your phone in a pocket which keeps out the rain.

- Scratching: As phones have become shinier and gorgeous gradient colors have become commonplace, they have become more susceptible to scratches and smudges. Nobody wants their prized smartphone to become covered in scratches - especially for the all-important Gorilla Glass screen. And if you carry phones loose in bags, scratches are inevitable.

- Resale value: Even the slightest flaws can knock money off a phone's resale value, which really matters if you have chosen to purchase the handset alone and aren't on a contract deal. Phone pockets help to keep smartphones in pristine condition, so they will retain their value until a new model arrives. .

These common smartphone weak points make cases, screen protectors and pockets essential accessories. And StilGut are experts in creating pockets that prevent smudges and scratches, feel comfortable to hold and keep out moisture. The result is a longer-lasting phone and the confidence to take it with you, wherever you go.

Style Your Smartphone with Elegant Wallet Phone Cases

Smartphones are stylish devices, and users can choose a galaxy of options nowadays. All too often, the accessories we use to store and use our phones doesn't match the aesthetic quality of the devices themselves. However, that definitely doesn't have to be the case, as StilGut's collection of hand-crafted cell phone cases proves.
Our universal phone pockets are intended to suit a huge range of devices, from tatty old phones to cutting-edge devices from the world's telecom giants. They have deceptively simple designs, offering a pouch that's open at one end, as well as zippered designs for extra flexibility. And there are plenty of options for smartphone fans to choose that will mix style and protection in equal measure:

POMPÖÖS Sleeves - Composed from all-natural Nappa leather and designed by Harald Glööckler, our POMPÖÖS smartphone pockets are both a fashion accessory and a specialist protective tool for technologically advanced phones. These pockets come in M, L, and XL sizes, with options to suit almost any modern phone. They feature decorative flourishes, like the embossed crown motif - a sign that they are the royal family of phone cases. Inside, POMPÖÖS sleeves match the elegant exterior, with fleece linings that won't leave a mark on phones. Even better, these sleeves will age beautifully, softening and taking the shape of the phones they hold.

Leather smartphone sleeves - StilGut's leather pockets are wonderfully functional, finely crafted protective accessories. Also made from premium Nappa leather, they feature the StilGut logo as a mark of quality and employ polar fleece on the inside - ensuring a luxurious fit for any smartphone brand. Sizes ranging from S to XL have been precisely composed to make sure that smartphones are held in place securely and won't slip out; but at the same time, owners can easily access their phones for calls and messages.

Phone pockets with zippers - If you prefer something even more secure, why not choose StilGut's sleeves with zip fastening? Crafted from Nappa leather and coming in L and XL sizes, these zippered pockets are convenient, well-cushioned and visually stunning. They are ideal for travelers who need total phone protection.

Phone Pockets that Mix the Finest Craftsmanship and High-Quality Materials

Whatever wallet phone cases you choose, expect every feature to be perfectly crafted. StilGut only uses local craft experts to create its phone pockets, and our quality control is unparalleled. From the choice of materials and the toning of the Nappa leather to precise stitching, dying, and dimensions, our pockets are intended to offer premium shielding for high-end phones.
This isn't always the case in the world of smartphone accessories. Cheaper products can often rely on plastics, which may contain toxins and will never offer the smoothness and beauty provided by leather and fleece. Most accessories aren't built to last, but at StilGut, durability is a feature of every single smartphone pocket.

What Makes StilGut Products So Special?

Our range of pockets and cell phone cases offers a blend of protection, aesthetic quality and convenience; and if there are any problems, don't worry. We want every customer to keep their phone safe and enjoy the benefits of first-rate accessories. If for any reason you aren't satisfied, each case comes with a 2-year warranty as standard. Just get in touch, and we'll be happy to help.

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