Changing the Game: The Blackberry Key2

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Changing the Game: The Blackberry Key2

The Blackberry Key2 combines what people loved about classic Blackberry phones with fantastic new features that make this device worth protecting with a quality case. Android lovers will be excited to learn that among the Blackberry Key 2's many attributes, this new smartphone boasts a 2 day battery life. Long past are the days of buying a sleek, slim build phone and having to protect it with a clunky thick case. There are cases on StilGut that accentuate and protect this phone's prized features, allowing this truly unique, modern, and attractive smartphone to shine.

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StilGut - Smart Wallet in leather
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StilGut - USB C to USB cable [3.0]
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StilGut - Adaptor USB C to USB [3.0]
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StilGut - Adaptor USB C to USB [2.0]
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StilGut - USB C to USB C cable [2.0]
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StilGut - USB C to Micro USB cable [2.0]
€4.99 * UVP €9.99 * You save: €5.00
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 StilGut - USB C to Micro USB cable [3.0]
€4.99 * UVP €14.99 * You save: €10.00
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StilGut - Charging cable Magic Trio (USB C, Lightning, Micro-USB)
€9.99 * UVP €16.99 * You save: €7.00
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StilGut - Car Charger Type-C and USB
€9.99 * UVP €14.99 * You save: €5.00

What's New with the Blackberry Key2?

The Blackberry Key2 has many attributes that appeal to smartphone users with all backgrounds and needs. Traditionally, Blackberry has been a mainstay for professionals conducting business on this all-in-one device. The Blackberry Key2 appreciates this tradition, while incorporating the aesthetic beauty of today's most popular smartphones. The Blackberry Key2 is 151.4mm tall by 71.8mm wide and 8.1mm deep, with a 4.5 inch screen diagonally. Customers have their pick of three classic, elegant color options: red, silver, and black. The Key2 is Blackberry's slimmest, sleekest model to date, and prides itself on being a modern, attractive design that is also sturdy and durable. The only Blackberry phone with dual cameras, the Key2 also improves upon the iconic Blackberry keyboard design by including features such as back-lighting and touch-enabled keys. The Android OS-run Blackberry Key2 has a USB Type-C port, with 6GB RAM and 64GB Flash memory. The dual rear cameras are both 12MP, and the front camera is 8MP. The keyboard even has fingerprint sensors for security purposes. The Blackberry Key2 has 35 keys that follow the QWERTY keyboard for a smooth and convenient typing experience. The screen, a 1620 by 1080 LCD, is also operated by touch, and the Blackberry Key2 boasts a 2 day battery life.

Choosing the right Blackberry Key2 case

Given its technical and aesthetic attributes, it's no surprise the Blackberry Key2 doesn't come cheap. For many professionals, this little but powerful device serves as a lifeline during busy work trips and whirlwind days. A smartphone this vital to success deserves to be protected with a case. There are many cases online that boast sturdiness and durability, but which don't even offer a warranty. How can you be sure that a case will be just as high quality as the phone it protects? StilGut offers a range of cases for the Blackberry Key2 that are functional, attractive, and designed with customer experience in mind. StilGut's 2 year warranty offered on these smartphone cases gives customers peace of mind that their treasured device won't be left unprotected by a case that disintegrates after a few months of use.

StilGut cases are built to meet the needs of Blackberry Key2 users, and match the specifications of the phone, so clients have full access to the phone's ports, connections and speakers when it is within its case. Customers can choose between two main case structures: the Blackberry Key2 cover case and the Blackberry Key2 flip case. Clients can choose a book type cover with or without a clip, depending on preference for the integrated clip that secures the phone shut when it is within a bag. The Blackberry Key2 cover case is available in Black and Cognac. The book type cover can open partially, for privacy, or completely. The external cover is comprised of high quality leather, while the interior of the case is soft microfiber that protects the smartphone's screen. Customers who prefer to keep their phones and cards together have their choice of the Blackberry Key2 Talis case with card holder, which has the same specifications as the Key2 cover case, but with slots for credit and other cards. Clients may prefer a flip case, where the cover opens vertically and is able to fold back completely for convenient use of the phone with one hand. StilGut offers the Blackberry Key2 flip case, the Ultraslim, in two colors: Black and Cognac. The flip cover turns the display on and off when the case is opened and closed. The Blackberry Key2 flip case exterior is made of high quality leather and the interior is soft microfiber tissue that cushions the Blackberry Key2 screen.

What makes StilGut's Blackberry Key2 case and other products so special?

StilGut offers cases and other accessories for clients with a range of needs internationally. Every handmade case StilGut offers has been designed to protect the smartphone and its screen completely. Cases are available with or without card slots and clips, and in either Black or Cognac colors. As well as being handmade, StilGut designs Blackberry Key2 case products and bags to be trendy and practical. StilGut customers can be confident in the quality of their purchases through StilGut. Smartphone cases, screen protectors and tempered glass products are tested rigorously before these products are made available for sale. StilGut's cases are made with high quality leather and aspects such as the bumpers use the finest artificial materials available. StilGut serves a range of customers' needs for technology accessories. As well as the range of high quality smartphone accessories, StilGut offers MFI-Certified Apple accessories, docking stations, wireless chargers, multi-device charging stations, screen protectors, tempered glass, bluetooth loudspeakers, car accessories, and selfie sticks. Customer satisfaction is what motivates StilGut's operations, and we pride ourselves on always putting customer experience and satisfaction first. We are proudly client-focused and consistently incorporate client feedback into our operations to ensure we continue to delight our customers every day.

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