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If you are anything like the majority of the population today, the chances are that you always have your phone with you everywhere you go. You would probably even carry it with you to the shower if it was waterproof. Today, a smartphone is essential, but with the ever-increasing size of these devices, a smartphone finger holder will go a long way towards saving you the discomfort of a one-hand operation.

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StilGut - Magnetic Ring Finger Holder for iPhone
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StilGut - Magnetic Smartphone Ring Holder for iPhone
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Why You Need a Phone Case Strap Holder

Of course, the addiction to smartphones is understandable, especially since they have made a lot of things easier. But unlike the yesteryears when phones were easier to use and operate with one hand, things have changed. Today, the standard smartphone size is well over 5 inches. The majority of manufacturers has gone the go-big-or-go-home route, and they seem to be competing not only on functionality but also on size. But as the screen sizes increase to boost convenience and make the smartphone an all-in-one device, how does it affect you as the user? The biggest effect smartphone users have to contend with is propping up their phones. Because of the size of phones, one-hand operation is becoming increasingly difficult. Reaching all edges of a 6-inch device using your thumb is virtually impossible. For that reason, most smartphone users need to prop it up to ease usage. Studies conducted by different researchers have found that frequent use of electronic devices, such as smartphones, causes injury. These studies concluded that smartphone users experience wrist or hand pain after consistent and long term use. Additionally, particular nerves are most affected to the point of being deformed. This is a familiar occurrence for smartphone and pc users alike, where, after hours of typing, swiping, and scrolling away, you are left with a twinge of pain in your hands or fingers. Often, you are overcome by the urge to flex your wrist to reduce the discomfort. The problem is that this prolonged use has been linked to the risk of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a condition brought about by the compression of the hands’ medial nerve.

How a Phone Case Strap Holder Will save You Pain

For most people, the responsibility of acting as a prop falls on the pinky finger. While holding a smartphone in the one hand, placing the pinky under the phone for stability has almost become an involuntary reflex for users. You don’t even realize when you are doing it. You just find that you are. It’s the most logical and the most convenient, but at what cost? By using a smartphone holder, you reduce the chances of suffering from some common conditions linked to prolonged use. Think of “texting thumb” or “trigger thumb” – repetitive stress injuries caused by prolonged electronic device use. You will also be avoiding severe problems like tendinitis and muscle soreness around your arm. Fortunately, for PC use, we have mastered the ergonomically correct position with wrist support and an office chair. However, for a smartphone or a tablet, it is not as easy a position for optimum use. With tens of positions in which you can use smartphones; you almost always end up in a wrong position. If you are already suffering from any of these conditions, there are exercises you can do to relieve the pain. For starters, you can take breaks from smartphone use to give your hands time to rest. As you do so, flexing your wrist will increase blood flow and work on the muscles and tendons for flexibility. Additionally, you can apply hot and cold compresses to relax your hand muscles and tendons. You can even take advantage of the hands-free features on today’s phones to reduce the stress on your arms. But then again, you won’t always be able to do everything you want for short bursts of time or use hands-free features all the time.

The Solution – Smartphone strap

At StilGut, we realize the risks involved in long-term smartphone use. For that reason, we have created a smartphone strap to help you reduce the strain on your hands and avoid health complications. Our smartphone finger strap holder will help you operate your smartphone with one hand without straining your pinky. Other than that, this smartphone strap will reduce the chances of dropping your expensive device, giving you peace of mind as you use your phone. Whether you want to stick it directly on your phone or you are using a case, this smartphone strap holder will easily self-adhere to the back of your phone. Ring and metallic holders make the phone bulky and hard to put in the pocket. However, with our rubber and leather holder, you can slip your phone into any pocket as easily as without a holder. If you are looking for a practical, functional, yet stylish smartphone finger holder, our finger mount has it all. With this mount, the range of your thumb over the screen of your device is increased without the risk of losing your grip. The 3M adhesive surface on the finger mount adheres to all surfaces including metal, plastic, silicone, and exclusive leather cases, making it ideal for use with a wide range of smart devices. The design of the mount is also subtle and elegant, and made to blend in with your device. At only 10 x 3.5 x 0.5 cm, this finger mount for your smartphone offers you a functional and versatile holder for all your devices. You probably did not know what was happening with your fingers, and you may just have realized that you have been experiencing the pain without consciously recognizing the reason. What you need is a finger mount holder to alleviate the pain and use your phone comfortably.

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