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Launched in 2016 and updated to add more storage capacity in 2017, the iPhone SE remains a hugely popular high-end smartphone. Featuring Apple's trademark build quality and sporting one of the first 4K video cameras on a popular phone, it instantly found an audience. Many users still rely on their iPhone SE, and Apple's design has lasted well. But to keep the phone in peak condition, a good iPhone SE case is absolutely essential.

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StilGut - iPhone SE cover in leather
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StilGut - iPhone SE Cover
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StilGut - iPhone SE Bumper
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StilGut - Leather Smartphone Sleeve S
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StilGut - Sports Armband for iPhone 5/5c/5s/4/4s & Galaxy S4/3 mini
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StilGut - Smart Wallet in leather
€59.99 *
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StilGut - iPhone Docking Station Oval
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StilGut - Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio Plug
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StilGut - Charging cable Magic Trio (USB C, Lightning, Micro-USB)
€9.99 * UVP €16.99 * You save: €7.00
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StilGut - Magic Lightning cable for Apple devices (1m), black/white
€4.99 * UVP €9.99 * You save: €5.00
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StilGut - Magic-Twin-Lightning / micro USB Sync and charging cable
€4.99 * UVP €9.99 * You save: €5.00
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StilGut - AirPods Leather Case with Leather Strap
From €4.99 * UVP €14.99 * You save: €10.00

Specialist cases will ensure that the curved edges of the iPhone SE remain gorgeously smooth and free of scratches,and make sure that the stainless steel Apple logo gleams proudly until users need to upgrade to a new model. They also provide the protection required to keep the SE's value as high as possible - maximizing the potential trade-in value. So there's no doubt that one of StilGut's bespoke iPhone SE phone case designs can make a big difference. Let's explore in more detail how they work and help you choose the right design for your needs.

Protect Your Phone with an iPhone SE Phone Case

When the iPhone SE first appeared, it seemed to be a radical idea. At a time when Samsung and other manufacturers were expanding phone displays and offering maximum space for streaming or gaming, Apple had other ideas. With the SE, the company sought to offer a compact design, which balanced the premium features iPhone fans expect, with high-quality visuals on a small 4-inch screen. Some manufacturers would have sacrificed performance in the process, but that wasn't Apple's aim. Instead, the iPhone SE shipped with high specification processing power. Even though it was contained in a small package, this phone could compete with the big boys.

Since being launched in 2016, the SE hasn't really been succeeded by a smarter or faster model. Apple moved on to the iPhone 6 and 7 and the X range. While their venture into small screens resulted in a fantastic device, the California company didn't follow this up with new models. This means that iPhone SE owners need to keep their phones extra safe, as there's no likelihood of updates coming on stream any time soon.

With that in mind, having a good iPhone SE case makes perfect sense. It makes even more sense when you think about the features that need to be kept safe and sound:

- The 4-inch Retina display can easily be smudged, scratched and damaged in other ways, resulting in expensive repairs.
- The 12 MP camera lens needs to be kept clear and unscratched to capture beautiful 4K footage.
- The A9 processing chip and M9 motion coprocessor are vulnerable to water and dust damage - especially over a couple of years of usage.
At just 113g, the SE is a tiny phone. It's well engineered, but any phone that slender and small is going to be more prone to damage from drops and submergence. So, having a case around it at all times is a no-brainer.

Smarten Up Your Accessories with an iPhone SE Leather Case

As we've seen, there are plenty of excellent reasons to cover your iPhone SE with a high-quality case. However, users of the slimline phone can sometimes find it hard to source the right covers. That's because the SE has an unusual form factor with measurements that can't be found on other phones. You can't simply use generic phone cases to keep an iPhone SE safe. Instead, specialist covers will be required, and they can be tricky to find.

Fortunately, StilGut has the answer. Our team has crafted a range of cases that are perfectly suited to the iPhone SE. And we've also thought hard about aesthetics, offering a variety of styles and colors that will look stunning around the small Apple phone. Here are a few versions customers can browse at the StilGut store:

Book-style cases: Our book-style iPhone SE phone case models are made from elegant leather which complements the materials used by Apple to create its phone. The compartment is optimally designed to accommodate the SE without any movement or space for dust and dirt to accumulate. It features cut-outs for speakers, ports, the camera, and charging cables. Moreover, the book case feels wonderfully comfortable to hold, whether you are using the phone for gaming or work.

Talis iPhone SE Leather case: Designed to offer the functionality of premium wallets, while keeping iPhones safe from the weather and sudden impacts, our Talis cases are made from high-quality leather. The casing features slots for credit cards and cash, while there are specially made cut-outs for chargers, cameras, and speakers. More importantly, the screen will always be easily accessible whenever it's needed.

Simple leather covers - Our iPhone SE leather case will cling to the phone with precision, leaving absolutely no space for dirt to get in. Made from beautifully tanned leather, they are available in black, blue, burgundy, and cream white. There's no better way to enhance the look of your phone while protecting it as much as possible.

Explore StilGut's Handcrafted Phone Cases

Don't take chances with the health of your favorite smartphone. Even phones as well-made as the iPhone SE can be damaged beyond repair by a moment of misfortune. Whether you drop them in a swimming pool or smash them against the sidewalk, accidents happen. And when they do, premium smartphone protection is vital.
That's where StilGut excels. Every iPhone SE phone case we make has been crafted by experts who take care to tailor every design to precise specifications. We use the finest leather materials, without any fragile synthetics or imitation cowhide. For us, everything has to be right, from the stitching and colours to the dimensions of each cover.
At the same time, we don't compromise on sustainability. None of our covers contain the toxins to be found in plastic alternatives. Every product is produced with the environment in mind. All of this means that iPhone users can count on StilGut to deliver cases that offer 100% protection and effortless elegance.

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