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Do you want a Huawei Mate 20 Lite case which combines beauty, high-quality materials, strength and absolute precision? You've come to the right place. With StilGut's range of phone cases, Huawei users can keep their favourite phone safe and sound for as long as possible, while losing nothing when it comes to style. Discover our collection of premium cases and give your Mate 20 Lite the protection it deserves.

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StilGut - Huawei Mate 20 lite Book Type NFC/RFID Blocking Case
€7.99 * UVP €24.99 * You save: €17.00
StilGut - Smart Wallet in leather
€59.99 *
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StilGut - USB C to USB cable [3.0]
€9.99 * UVP €14.99 * You save: €5.00
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StilGut - Adaptor USB C to USB [3.0]
€9.99 * UVP €14.99 * You save: €5.00
StilGut - Adaptor USB C to USB [2.0]
€9.99 *
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StilGut - USB C to USB C cable [2.0]
€9.99 * UVP €14.99 * You save: €5.00
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StilGut - USB C to Micro USB cable [2.0]
€4.99 * UVP €9.99 * You save: €5.00
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 StilGut - USB C to Micro USB cable [3.0]
€4.99 * UVP €14.99 * You save: €10.00
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StilGut - Charging cable Magic Trio (USB C, Lightning, Micro-USB)
€9.99 * UVP €16.99 * You save: €7.00
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StilGut - Car Charger Type-C and USB
€9.99 * UVP €14.99 * You save: €5.00

Huawei's Mate 20 Lite is a powerful, good-looking phone with plenty of features. However, premium phones like the Mate 20 Lite require premium protective accessories. It's all too easy to scratch the 6.3-inch FullView screen or to leave unsightly smudges on the sapphire-blue exterior. For this reason, all Lite owners should take a look at the list of Huawei phone cases available from StilGut. It could make the difference between maximizing your phone's resale value and fatally damaging it beyond repair. So let's investigate what they have to offer.

Protect the Advanced Features of Your Huawei Mate 20 Lite

For starters, the right case is a sensible way to protect your Mate 20 Lite from unnecessary damage. The Lite 20 is a serious piece of modern technology with numerous features that set it apart. And all these features are susceptible to damage from impact, dirt, and water damage. With this set of specifications, any phone owner should give their device an extra layer of protection:

- A 6.3-inch screen that can display 16.7 million colours at a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels
- An octa-core Kirin 730 processor that’s optimized for AI learning, along with a 1 Ghz Mali -G51 GPU
- 4GB RAM and 64GB storage space in the most basic of models, as well as the option of enhancing your storage capacity with MicroSD cards
- USB type-C and 3.5mm connectors, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac connectivity
- Dual 20MP and 2MP cameras on the rear, coupled with a 24MP frontal camera

Those are impressive specs, but they also make the phone vulnerable to damage. The Type C USB, MicroSD, and 3.5mm jack ports could allow dirt and dust to enter the casing, The extra large 6.3-inch screen provides a wonderful place to watch movies or play games, but could become cracked if the phone is dropped. And the front and rear cameras need to be kept perfectly clean to benefit from their superb resolution.
At the same time, the Mate 20 Lite doesn't ship with IP53 or IP68 water resistance, so it could well be vulnerable to accidental immersions. One slip next to the hotel pool could ruin a vacation's worth of photographs. A mistake when shaving could have very bad consequences for the phone's advanced components. That's where a specialist Mate 20 Lite case can be invaluable.

Pick a Huawei Mate 20 Lite Case that Reflects Your Own Personal Style

Smartphone cases come in all shapes and sizes, but it's always best to pick designs that are optimized for specific phone models. It's also a good call to opt for premium case designs from reputable manufacturers. Finding ultra-cheap, poorly made cases isn't hard, but it won't do your smartphone any good in the long run. StilGut offers a variety of premium phone cases for Mate 20 Lite fans to choose, and all meet the highest possible standards. Here are some of the options:

Talis: Our "Talis" cases come with book-style designs, which double up as smartphone cases and wallets. Made with high-quality leather, Talis cases flip open to provide easy access for smartphone users, but can be secured reliably via closure flaps. There are also cut-outs for critical functions like your smartphone camera and charging port, offering a great mix of protection, style and ease of use.
Book-type: As the name suggests StilGut's Book Type Mate 20 Lite cases also flip open just like a book, revealing the smartphone inside. They come with built-in RFID blocking to guard against hi-tech hacking attempts and credit card theft. The interior of the case is also made from fine micro-fibres, ensuring that the phone's casing remains smooth and undisturbed. Similar to the Talis case, these products lack premium leather aesthetics, but deliver all the protection that users require.
UltraSlim: Designed to be flicked open with one hand, these stripped-down cases are perfect for people who regularly need access to their phone. Streamlined and convenient for slipping into your suit or jacket pockets, they are made of high-quality leather and feature cut-outs for the phone's cameras, fingerprint scanner, USB port, buttons and 3.5mm jack.
Choose a case that suits your smartphone style. If you need rapid access, UltraSlim fits the bill. For total protection and an eye-catching look, Talis will be perfect. Whatever you choose, expect designs that are completely adapted to the configuration of your Mate 20 Lite, and which take into account its most vulnerable areas. With these cases, you can blend smartness and security with ease.

There are Plenty of Reasons to Choose Our Huawei Phone Cases

With StilGut, customers won't just receive smartphone cases that have been engineered to match the layout and specifications of the Mate 20 Lite precisely. There are other areas where our cases are ahead of the pack, making them the best option for any smartphone fan. For instance, many other cases are made from plastics which may contain toxic solvents. Our products are crafted from premium leather, not artificial materials.
Other case manufacturers also focus on quantity and price, instead of quality - but we aren't like that. Our technicians create accessories that take every factor into account. We don't cut corners on aesthetics, materials, and user-friendliness; and our quality control systems catch any defective cases before they reach the marketplace.
If you do run into any problems with StilGut products, we offer a 2-year extended warranty across the board. So if your case doesn't match the dimensions of your Mate 20 Lite exactly, or you notice a stitch out of place, we will be happy to arrange a replacement.
So check out our collection of Mate 20 Lite cases. With the right choice, you'll keep your phone in peak condition for years, and our range is bound to include a design you love.

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